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As the world changes around us, we must also make some changes. Teledentistry is growing in popularity among both practices and patients, and for good reason. While this technology isn’t necessarily brand new, the industry has been exploring the options, benefits, and challenges for many years now.

In the time of COVID-19, we have been pushed to open our virtual doors and create solutions for patients that are virtual and not physical. The rise of teledentistry is allowing more people than ever to gain access to the care they need, no matter where they are. The times have called for an evolution in care, and teledentistry has answered.

While adopting a new way of life and operation may be hard at first, the world is truly going digital and virtual as time passes. Fueled by COVID-19 and sustained by demand, teledentistry is the new frontier for oral care.

Whether your practice is ready to take the next step or you’re still doing some research, teledentistry is definitely worth looking into.

Benefits of Teledentistry
There are many benefits to taking dentistry online, both for the patient and the practice as a whole. Let’s look at the benefits and some of the challenges of teledentistry.

Patient Benefits
Safe and convenient
No consult trip required
Can collect medicine names, surgery dates, allergies and have more accurate patient data
See provider and team through secure video portal
Avoid crowded waiting rooms away from COVID-19
Eliminates unnecessary travel time

Staff Benefits
Financial Staff has images of dental and medical insurance cards
No need to clean rooms between visits
Less pressure on the clinic and team members
Front desk staff do not have angry patients who have to wait a long time to be seen
Can complete all normal in-person tasks with minor exceptions
Makes 1st visit (treatment visit) smooth as normal

Doctor Benefits
Rapport is established
Can accomplish the primary goals of a consultation appointment with happier patients
Less stress in the clinic

The same number of consults in less time
Increased clinic efficiency by 15 percent or more
Go home earlier and be more productive
Consults on vacation

Financial Benefits
Improved post-COVID-19 schedule
8 of 12 consults each day can be virtual
Decreased in-person visits

Less PPE consumed
More time for surgery
Decreased afternoon consults

Teledentistry truly has the potential to change the way the dental industry operates, as well as how patients view the dental experience. With many people terrified of going to the dentist, teledentistry is an easy, safe, and comfortable way for them to get the care they need without sparking anxiety, stress, and fear. With all these benefits, however, there are of course some challenges in the adoption of new technology and a new way of operating.

Adoption Challenges of Teledentistry
Not everyone is ready for change, even when it’s for the benefit of all involved. Moving to a new system can throw a kink in a well-oiled machine. These challenges are only temporary, and typically will be resolved with time, practice, and patience.

Just another thing to learn
Just another monthly expense
Not building rapport and impersonal experience
Technology is sensitive and breaks down
Can’t do a physical exam and touch and feel the patient
May not have an x-ray at the time of the consult
Patients can’t navigate the app
Have to buy tablets and manage this hardware with charging at night
Comfortable in the old way or the way it has always been done
Staff won’t take this on and will resist or sabotage the effort
The call center and front desk already have too much to do

To help alleviate these challenges and boost the benefits, our telehealth Jet Virtual Consultants (JVC) helps dental professionals and their patients to keep up with appointments while staying safe and compliant. It is intuitive, secure and it provides a user experience unlike any other app in the market today.

Some features include:
Multi-practice support
Admin console
Curbside check-in
Management of provider availability
Patient self-registration
Tiered plans for different needs

Take your practice to the next level in a post-COVID-19 world and give Jet Virtual Consults a try. Sign up to use it absolutely FREE for 60 days with code JVC30 no credit card required.

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