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All the essential technology needed for teledentistry consultations to happen between providers and patients is available on a smartphone or a tablet. Teledentistry allows providers to communicate with their patients without being in the same space, eliminating the need during those appointments for PPE. That communication can be in real-time or via secure messaging. The industry of teledentistry is growing fast. Many dental offices are opting to incorporate teledentistry in their practices to cope with the effects of COVID-19, but we’re also seeing that the trend of teledentistry isn’t going anywhere.

If you’re a dentist, dental hygienist, or dental assistant, there is a great opportunity for you in teledentistry.

As one of the hardest years we’ve seen in a long time, 2020 also had many lessons. And with those lessons came advancement in medicine, technology, and the way patients interact with their doctors.

Teledentistry is rapidly changing the way dentists operate. And what a better time to embrace the technology available and put it to good use to maximize time and productivity while keeping everyone safe?

The technology needed for teledentistry is simple. With the technology already available on your smartphone or tablet, you can begin your teledentistry practice. Additionally, it’s just as simple for patients to begin a teledentistry appointment. This is the new frontier of medicine!

With the same technology available to everyone with a smartphone, teledentistry applications that are HIPAA compliant can be downloaded on any device.

If you’re looking to get a closer look, there are certain apps that work with dental cameras that the patient can invest in. Some companies send the cameras or additional hardware to patient homes ahead of their consultations. Additionally, there are other services that use a desktop or laptop for teledentistry, but the applications for a smartphone or tablet are the most accessible.

For example, Jet Virtual Consults (JVC) is a new application for dental practices to use to manage emergencies, checkups, after-care, and monitor progress. With the application, both patients and dental practices can access all paperwork, x-rays, medications, photos of progress, and communicate safely. It offers an easy-to-use interface that guides the patient through a step-by-step process. Dental personnel can easily triage the patient and monitor his/her registration process as they get through it. This provides a level of convenience that enables the patient to get through a registration process at his/her own time.  Teledentistry enables this process to happen asynchronously at the patient’s convenience. The patient ends up feeling like it takes them minutes to see their providers on appointment day with little friction or time wasted filling out paperwork.

Jet Virtual Consults is available on both Android and iOS, anyone you want to see available within your license coverage can jump on a mobile device and get on a virtual consult within minutes. And with no credit card required, no contract, and the ability to cancel anytime, there’s never been an easier way to amplify time, money, and service. Additionally, patients can securely submit insurance cards, images, registration forms, digital signatures, watch informed consent videos, and even register themselves if required. And to keep everything safe and secure, Jet Virtual Consults is HIPAA compliant and provides end-to-end security for synchronous and asynchronous communication via video, chat, and transmission of ePHI with 256-bit AES encryption.

Jet Virtual Consults supports 3 user tiers, office administrators, providers, and patients on a single mobile application that works on smartphones and tablets for patients, doctors, and staff. With the simple technology already available in all smartphones and tablets, dental practices can take their business online in a matter of 1-2 weeks. All training videos are available within the app and tailored to each user level for everyone to learn at their own pace.

By being able to replace the in-person registration process, Jet Virtual Consults allows patients to fill out paperwork within the app’s workflow and keeps them notified on upcoming appointments and progress directly on the app. Removing the multi-step process of booking an appointment and having to add it to a calendar, patients are much less likely to miss an appointment or get confused on day and time.

As the world moves to digital solutions, dental practices are seeing the benefits of teledentistry.

Getting started with teledentistry through Jet Virtual Consults is fast and easy. Start with a 60-day free trial using code JVC30 to ensure you and your employees are comfortable using the software.

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