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About Jet Virtual Consults

What is Jet Virtual Consults?

Jet Virtual Consults is a telehealth app that enables asynchronous communication between doctors and their patients. It is intuitive, secure and it provides a user experience unlike any other app on the market today.

Is Jet Virtual Consults a mobile app?

Yes, Jet Virtual Consults is a mobile app. It works on iOS and Android smart phones, tablets, and iPads.

How many user levels are supported by the app?

Jet Virtual Consults supports 3 user tiers with a single native application that works on smartphones and tablets for patients, doctors, and staff.

What is full in-app registration?

Jet Virtual Consults fully replaces the in-person registration process and allows patients to do it all on the app. It comes with a customizable workflow that keeps patients notified of their progress via checkmarks to guide them through the process. Patients can securely submit insurance cards, images, registration forms, digital signatures, watch informed consent videos, and even register themselves if required.

What are automatic patient reminders?

Jet Virtual Consults reminds patients about their upcoming appointments. It also lets them know about any missing registration information before their appointment date. It automatically notifies patients via email, text, and/or phone (ultimate only) when they have not completed their required registration steps. This relieves the practice staff from having to do follow-up calls to ensure patient compliance.

How do patient reviews work?

Jet Virtual Consults encourages patients to submit their reviews via Google Places. It comes with an interactive survey that launches right after the end of a virtual consult, which facilitates patients to submit a practice review. This helps practices maintain their relevance score on Google and increase Google search referrals. No need to pay for additional practice review services.

What are standard forms?

Standard forms are forms that are available out-of-the-box with any license. It includes a full Patient Health History, HIPAA, Financial, COVID-19, Teledentistry Consent, and Patient Demographics forms. The information on these forms will be available via PDF files. They will be branded using your practice logo and main address.

What are custom forms?

Customed forms are available for practices that sign up for the Ultimate license and commit to a minimum of a six-month contract. The software engineering team at Jet Virtual Consults will seamlessly integrate up to 4 forms into the mobile application at no additional cost. Any additional form after that will cost $500 per page.

Are you HIPAA compliant?

Yes, Jet Virtual Consults provides end-to-end security for synchronous and asynchronous communication via video, chat, and transmission of ePHI with 256-bit AES encryption.

Setting Up Jet Virtual Consults

How do I sign up for Jet Virtual Consultst?

Click on this link to purchase or click here to sign up for a demo.

Do I need a credit card to sign up?

If you are purchasing Yes.  If you want to try it first, sign up for a demo.

How long does it take to get set up?

It takes between one to two weeks to get your practice fully set up and ready to start using our technology.

Do I need special hardware to run Jet Virtual Consults?

You need a smartphone, a tablet, or an iPad capable of running either iOS 10.01+ or Android 9+

Can I use my own hardware to run Jet Virtual Consults?

You may use your own hardware as long as it is a smartphone, a tablet, or an iPad capable of running either iOS 10.01+ or Android 9+. When you use your own hardware, you are solely responsible for having a security policy on the hardware that will protect its data in case of theft.

Can I lease all hardware I need from Jet Virtual Consults?

Yes, you may lease all certified software needed to run Jet Virtual Consults for an additional price per month. You may add it on as needed to your shopping cart when signing up for any of the available licenses.

Training and Support

Do you do in-house training?

We provide one free hour of live virtual training once your office account has been set up. We will briefly introduce the app and the services to your staff as well as answer any questions they may have. This go-live service is provided as a courtesy to all new clients.

How to train staff, doctors and patients?

Jet Virtual Consults come with training videos for all supported users. These videos provide a brief introduction to using the app.

What to get help when needed?

All license tiers come with a support form where all users can submit a ticket requesting help. All tickets will be addressed on a first-come-first-serve basis. The maximum response time will be 24 hrs between Monday through Friday.

How do I get phone support?

If your practice needs phone support, we suggest signing up for the Ultimate license package which includes unlimited access to our support team via phone Monday through Friday from 7 AM -3 PM PST

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