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As teledentistry becomes more and more popular, its uses are becoming more and more versatile. With the advancement of technology, teledentistry has never been more accessible or reliable. Patients are more trusting in the process of consultation over a mobile application and appreciate the time saved in transit and waiting rooms. This is why more doctors are now leveraging teledentistry for managing dental emergencies.

The world is going digital, and there are so many benefits to this for the world of dentistry. Teledentistry refers to the use of telecommunication devices and information technology to take care of your dental health. While this software and technology was fueled by COVID-19, it has been a long time coming, and something that both patients and doctors are learning to love.

Teledentistry is useful for all types of dental needs, including emergencies. Dental emergencies don’t just happen during regular business hours. And rather than travel to the ER or Urgent Care with a dental emergency, teledentistry may be a good option. Some emergencies do not require hospitalization or a trip to the ER. A prescription may be all that is needed for a patient’s emergency to be addressed. Teledentistry in this case enables dentists to deliver patients the care they need in an efficient and timely manner.

Dental emergencies can’t be rectified virtually, but dentists can assess the damage, prescribe any medications or pain relievers immediately, and schedule an appointment with an oral surgeon or dentist over a mobile app for the following day. This drastically reduces the hassle that patients have to deal with while also in pain, which can be worth its weight in gold with a serious emergency.
Benefits of Teledentistry for Dental Emergencies
Teledentistry for dental emergencies makes much more sense than one may imagine. With emergency rooms filling up, urgent care facilities understaffed and overbooked, and people wanting as little physical interaction as possible, teledentistry is an ideal option for dental emergencies of all kinds. Here are a few reasons why teledentistry works:

  • HIPAA compliant and secure
  • Register, triage, prescribe and follow up with patients
  • Secure chat with patients through the mobile app
  • Curbside check-in
  • In-App training and compliance
  • Virtual consultations

Our teledentistry app Jet Virtual Consults puts the power in the hands of the users to get the help they need when they need it. This also empowers doctors and nurses by freeing up consultation time in-house and allowing more patients to be seen throughout the day.

Teledentistry allows the dental practice to effectively triage the patient’s emergency, provide an encrypted platform for the patient to fill out paperwork, diagnose and treat some emergencies without having the patients come into the office. This is ideal in any scenario, but especially during a time like a global pandemic.

By offering teledentistry for dental emergencies, patients can get the care they need faster without booking in-office time on a doctor’s calendar.

If one wonders, “will teledentistry work for dental emergencies,” the answer is yes, and it may be a better solution than going straight to the ER or Urgent Care. As dentists can assess the situation be it a cracked tooth, loose filling, gum abrasion, etc, patients can get the answers they need faster.

Teledentistry for dental emergencies will save both dentists and patients time and money. With the world changing rapidly, teledentistry is at the forefront of medical technology and is allowing for an entirely new patient-doctor relationship that is mutually beneficial.

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