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Teledentistry is becoming a necessity during the COVID-19 pandemic. This essential service was long overdue in the dental industry. More dentists are starting to adopt it and their patients are loving it.
Teledentistry is walking through an open door to help doctors stay afloat. It is allowing practices to continue doing business in the middle of a pandemic. Teledentistry is revolutionizing the way people seek and receive dental care.
Teledentistry is looking more and more attractive to dentists. It is safe, secure, and much more efficient and cost-effective. Dental offices don’t need to use PPE for virtual consultations. It is less stressful for the staff who have to disinfect rooms between visits. It even allows for more consultations in less time.
The American Teledentistry Association (ATDA) stated, “Even with barriers to implementation, successful teledentistry projects have been developed across the country, including in California, Colorado, and Arizona, and other states.”
The American Dental Association (ADA) agrees completely, “The American Dental Association (ADA) recognizes the unprecedented and extraordinary circumstances dentists and their patients face. Our guiding principles are to mitigate transmission while also supporting emergency care for patients so as to help prevent overwhelming hospital emergency departments over the next few weeks. Under these circumstances, while some services will continue to be performed in dental offices, the ADA recognizes that patients would be best served when telecommunication technology can be leveraged to support dental care.”

Teledentistry is a Clinical Necessity

Dentists are able to meet patient needs during COVID-19 Through virtual consultations. This new service is reinventing the dental industry and the way people view dental care. Patients can now submit insurance information, health information forms, watch compliance videos, and submit signatures
Teledentistry is creating new opportunities for dental practices. It is making them more efficient and able to operate with lower margins. All while keeping patients, doctors, and staff safe from COVID-19.
Some basic benefits of Teledentistry include:
  • HIPAA Compliant/Secure
  • Patient Friendly
  • Office Friendly
  • Health History, Informed Consent videos, financial and HIPAA policies based on AAAHC compliance
  • A decreased in-person visit, less PPE consumed
Jet Virtual Consults (JVC) is becoming the new standard in Teledentistry technology. It implements a unique patient workflow that empowers patients to self-register from the comfort of their own homes. It keeps the practice aware of patient’s self-registration through notifications. JVC is helping dental professionals and their patients to keep up with appointments while staying safe and compliant. It is intuitive, secure and it provides a user experience unlike any other app in the market today.
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