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Mobile Teledentistry Software – the one app that every OMS practice needs this year

Ditch the multiple applications you currently pay for to do all the tasks our app does, yet for a much smaller cost. Boost efficiency and profitability by handling your entire dental clinic using Jet Virtual Consults.

Manage appointments, text messaging, patient reminders, patient paperwork, digital signature capture, waiting rooms, and informed consent on a customizable onboarding process utilizing our all-in-one software service for dentists.

How Do You Know If Teledentistry Is Right For You?

Jet Virtual Consults is for you if you want…

  • Do more consults in less time
  • Expand your referral base
  • Open new income streams for your practice
  • No room turnover
  • Save patients unnecessary trips to the office
  • Assess emergencies more effectively
  • High-performance and happy staff
  • Leverage end-to-end self-guided patient intake workflow
  • Boost innovation in your practice without breaking the bank

Practice Benefits

Check out how Jet Virtual Consults has helped Dr. Bryan McLelland of Liberty Oral Surgery save one hour per day where he and his staff get to leave one hour earlier every day!

  • Become more productive without having to increase staff
  • Send secure text messages to patients
  • Work fewer hours per day
  • Automate Appointment Reminders
  • Triage patients via private video chat
  • Collect intake forms, radiographs, HIPAA, financial, and proof of insurance all on the app.
  • Transfer all information to your OMS Software via PDF files
  • Ditch having to print or digitize forms

Staff Benefits

The staff benefit by using Teledentistry because they can communicate better and more efficiently with patients. It saves them time and make them more productive. This can translate into working less hours per day. Staff can review all patient paperwork in a centralized location as PDF files. No need to scan or print documents. Jet Virtual Consults helps to reduce stress and pressure on medical teams.

What Are Doctors Saying About Jet Virtual Consults?

Dr. Brenen Olsen loves using Jet Virtual Consults as his Teledentistry software for three main reasons:

  • Patients like it
  • More patients in less time
  • Easy to use

Patient Benefits

  • No travel to the office
  • Save time and fill out paperwork at home with all meds, allergies
  • Submit pictures of insurance cards before the appointment for more accurate financial estimates
  • Less stress for patients if the office runs because they get to do other activities until the doctor is ready to see them
  • Some older patients resist at first but are very pleased once they try

Redefining the Way Patients Receive Quality Dental Care: JVC is Your Virtual Dental Practice Solution!

Jet Virtual Consults Works On iOS, Android Smartphones, And Tablets

The Jet Virtual Consult’s app is available on the App and Google Play stores. It is available for free to all patients. Patients can only use it as long as they have been previously invited by the practice or practices where they intend to receive telehealth services.

Sign Up With Confidence Knowing You Are Backed By Our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We are confident that our app is going to positively transform your business. For this, we are offering you a full 30-day money-back guarantee from the moment you sign up with a paid license.

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